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released February 8, 2017

All Songs by FLING.
Music & lyrics by FLING & Zsa Zsa



all rights reserved


FLING Bradford, UK

'Bradford’s resident psychedelic mad-men FLING were born in late 2015. Since then, they have amazed, confused and delighted audiences with their unforgettable live shows.'

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Track Name: Welcome To The City
Well A few months back I was chilling at home
looked outta my window and saw a UFO
and I watched it collide straight into a tree
then I ran for the door just to see what it be
It was a little green man with big black eyes
and he opened his toothless mouth
and this is what he cried
I'm a refugee running away from a war
had to leave my family, had to leave my home.

Welcome to the city, welcome our city freaky intergalactic man
welcome to the city welcome our city I'll keep you safe and warm.

Tuned into my local radio who said they'd seen a flying UFO
but keep it secret I don't want them to know
a little green man's living in my home.

I'm an alien living in your home
I miss my town but I had to go.
Track Name: Magical
I got the world on the tip of my finger
spinning like a basketball
A star pie I ate it all up
I did it with a plastic fork
I guess some people call this euphoria
and I don't doubt it at all
looks like the sun is setting
but you're still shining doll.

We're magical
you're magical
I'm magical.

Meanstreet baby she dances on her hands
with snakes of sunshine slithering through her hair
batwing baby she's flying through the sky
with blood dripping from her letterbox mouth.

So magical
loves magical
you're magical
I'm magical
we're magical.
Track Name: I'm Fine
Hello, hello. I'd like to say hello
like to say a lot of things
but I think I better go.

I brought the celebrations In a bag
to lift all the complications we had
I'm no angel but I'm really not that bad.

But I'm fine
and I tell you that I'm fine
and I lie and I lie.
Because everybody thinks I'm crazy.

Everybody thinks I'm crazy
It's too late for you so save me.

Goodbye, Goodbye my only friend
I'll be fine on the other side.
Track Name: Extra Special
I'll wrap you up and we'll sit together
I'll bring you fire we'll watch the sun burn down
like an ember, you and me together
you bring the laughter, I've got the spark.

Is it me or am I In love?
'cos it feels like I'm In heaven

I'm falling under up up up and over myself
It makes me wonder If I'm dreaming
touch and crumble like a bee I bumble
swinging through the jungle
feeling wonderful.

Extra special
little blackened candle
hazy hazy baby
we're off the wall.